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  1. nofrag

    nofrag New Member

    quick guys. send me a copy of your build.prop file! urgent!
    now that i got that done. i was trying to change the name of my mytouch q so that the gameloft games would work. and they did work! but when trying to turn it back to normal it stopped booting. i just got on my computer and adb pulled build.prop. openened it and BOOM it was empty. i have no idea why it was empty? but i need a new one. i know i shouldve backed up. sorry.

  2. nofrag

    nofrag New Member

    never mind. found a build.prop.bak in my system folder? anyway how do i change it to be default build.prop? when i try using the command prompt and using adb push build.prop /system it says permission denied. (obviously) then i try adb shell adb push build.prop /system and it still says permission denied. then i tried doing adb shell adb remount and it still said permission denied. someone know how to make system r/w?
  3. Just search on how to mount system as writable. You can do it with an app or with comman through a terminal. . Also check to make sure its permissions are set correctly after restoring it.

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