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  1. donjuro

    donjuro Well-Known Member Developer

    For future reference, can someone post the original build.prop for this phone?

  2. 2prevail

    2prevail Well-Known Member


    I'm not rooted so I'm not sure if root explorer trimmed it for security purposes or not but here it is when you guys need it!
  3. 2prevail

    2prevail Well-Known Member

    Tell me if ´╗┐the link doesn't work too
  4. altaran

    altaran Well-Known Member

  5. altaran

    altaran Well-Known Member

    And I'm on boost if it makes a difference
  6. 2prevail

    2prevail Well-Known Member

    Me too
  7. altaran

    altaran Well-Known Member

    Me too......no wait.......i was first.......nevermind... :p:p:p

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