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Build Quality of X from people who have actually handled it?

  1. docprego

    docprego Well-Known Member

    For anyone who has actually handled an X I have the following questions:

    1. What are the various buttons like on the phone? On my original Droid I thought the build quality was quite good EXCEPT for the buttons which had a very loose fit. Do the X's buttons fit better and have a nice solid click?

    2. I have read a few times now about this phone having a sort of resonant sound when you tap on it, almost like a drum. What if any of this is true?

    3. What are the menu, home, back, and search buttons like?

  2. sycron

    sycron Well-Known Member

    Not to thread jack you, just to add a extra question to those who have used the phone, where the LED notifications are located at on the phone?

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