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  1. Drogyn

    Drogyn Well-Known Member

    So, While helping someone buy a new computer today I was playing with the new Kindle Fire HD. My thoughts on it, as an owner of the 1st gen Fire...

    It's a lot lighter than the 1st gen, but it just doesn't feel as well put together, I'm not sure it could take the knocks that mine has taken and not get damaged.
    In using it (and bear in mind I was just doing what I was able to on the store demo) it didn't seem any different from the 1st gen.
    Now sure 10 mins in the store playing with it doesn't equate to owning it and being able to do whatever, but if I was thinking of upgrading to the new one before, I wouldn't be now.

  2. sergey

    sergey Well-Known Member

    Really? I've owned 3 tablets- the first iPad, the galaxy tab 10.1, and this. I haven't had any build quality issues with any of them. I'd say they were all in tip-top shape.

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