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built in calculator app on eve

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  1. largecharge

    largecharge Well-Known Member

    has anyone found the % button ? this is strange it's not there, not even in the advanced panel.

  2. fuchsix

    fuchsix Member

    I cannot find it. Guess they figured we wouldn't notice if it was missing.

    If you want a different app, try RealCalc. It's a full featured scientific calculator (with %) in the Google market.
  3. themarkjohn

    themarkjohn New Member

    yeah use realcalc. i was trying to do some basic trig on the built in calc and it always came up to the wrong answer no matter what i did. just could not figure out how to use it and it even lacks the inverses of sin and cos and tan
  4. largecharge

    largecharge Well-Known Member

    thanks for suggesting this, this is cool. it's really amazing how there is better apps out there than built in apps.
    i guess it's hard to make the 'perfect' phone,lol
  5. fuchsix

    fuchsix Member

    This is what makes Android phones so good. You never have to be "stuck" with what came with the phone. Once you root it, you can nuke the carrier installed apps and put the apps of your choosing on.

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