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Bulk Email DeletionSupport

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  1. blue9785

    blue9785 New Member

    I am new to this forum. Just purchased a samsung stratosphere and would like to know if there is an app for bulk email deletion? presently have over 350! thx.:(

  2. sherongb

    sherongb Member

    It might help if you shared which email program you are using. Most online programs can empty the trash without a separate app.

    If nothing else you can go to the email program on your computer, empty the trash, and then go to the email app on your phone and open the trash folder, and let it sync. It will take a while with that many emails in the trash but it works.
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  3. blue9785

    blue9785 New Member

    I'm sorry about that. I use incredimail on verizon.net. I can bulk delete once the emails are in the trash folder but not when they are in the inbox?

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