Bump for requsting someone gets the AT300 rooted

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  1. askdjhf

    askdjhf Active Member

    I want to install things like titanium backup so that I can restore all my apps, for example. I really need this rooted.

  2. jcase

    jcase Well-Known Member


    Would like to root this device, but need a few things.

    adb shell "ls -l -a -R /system" > sysperms.txt
    adb shell "mount" > mount.txt
    adb shell "ls -l -a -R /dev/block" > blocks.txt
    adb shell "ls -l -a /" > rootperms.txt

    and a system dump, unless someone can point me to full firmware or a previous system dump.

    mkdir dump
    adb pull /system dump\

    Zip it all up, upload it somewhere, and hit me on gtalk.
    jcase <at> cunninglogic <dot> com
  3. askdjhf

    askdjhf Active Member

    BUMP I'm selling my AT300 and I got the Nexus 7 instead. I can't expand memory but at least I can root it.
  4. theisonews

    theisonews Well-Known Member

    The same method I used to root the at7b8 might work for the at700

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