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Bunch of questions- hope i can find some answers

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  1. zer01

    zer01 Active Member

    Finally rooted but i need to know about a few things.

    1.Can i safely remove:

    Sdcardchameleon (what is this?)
    Wiperapp (what is this)
    Google play books
    Google play magazines
    Google play movies and tv
    Google play music
    Sprintpermissions 1.0

    2.In my data usage i found these numbers sending or collecting varying small amounts of data (less than 1mb) as though they are programs. What are they?

    10027; 13512; 10104; 16496; 13810; 17680; 10066; 10445; 15817; 17352; 19381

    3.My 4g data speeds and 3g speeds max out at almost the same number- around 1.6mb/sec; on rare occasions 4g breaks 2mb at full bars. Is this normal, and can i fix this now that I'm rooted?

    4. Every once in a while, my phone will start downloading by itself, notifying me it's "downloading default configuration" and returns my home screen to stock and replaces all stock bloatware. Has anyone else experienced this? I deleted MobileId and BoostZone, does that take care of this issue?

    Thanks in advance for any help, it's appreciated.

  2. suprafreak

    suprafreak Well-Known Member

    You can get rid of all the google stuff thats fine. Hangouts is like a google social media thing to converse with friends.

    You wanna keep the chameleon cuz i heard some things about things not working right idk. Im not entirely sure but i think it has something to do with wifi only apps.

    Keep the wiper app. I think thats what caused me to go in bootloop a while back.

    Srs settings is a sound enhancer and i like it.

    Im not sure about deleting gestureinjection

    And im not sure about sprint permissions. Might be time settings? Or something to do with the radio. Leave it for now

    The numbers you talk about do cause data. Some track how much data that you use and others are just from game apps that open up permissions for like ads. I usually just restrict their background data for both phone data and wifi

    Edit: and no i never had all the bloatware redownload for me thats wierd. Maybe you deleted something important. Root app delete is a very good app for finding out what you can or cant get rid of
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  3. cooldudezach

    cooldudezach Well-Known Member

    I can answer about the apps listed in #1, but that's about it.
    Sound enhancement stuff
    Sdcardchameleon (what is this?)
    This is not the same as the ChameleonProvider.apk (which is important). sdcardchameleon.apk is a ZTE app that can be removed. I'm not really sure what it does.
    According to Spz0, It's used in the default messaging app, if it was enabled. It's not by default, at least on the awe. Used for making gestures for quick text entry. I'm sure it's also just a gesture library-framework-thing.
    Google stuff / Hangouts

    Not Safe
    Wiperapp (what is this)
    It's used for GPS.
    Sprintpermissions 1.0
    This might be safe, I'm not exactly sure what it does. I assume it's needed by the sprint apk's
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  4. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Well-Known Member Developer

    sdcard chameleon might very well be the thing that switches between internal and external sd for default storage when sd is inserted, you ever noticed that popup message it gives you about that? might wanna run some tests but that would be my best guess

    and if that is the case, can you remove it... yes, would you want to? i know i wouldnt, its kinda handy
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  5. zer01

    zer01 Active Member


    So thanks for all the help so far, using Titanium backup i got rid of alot of garbage... something i got rid of bumped my average download/upload speeds by about double instantly-however, i can no longer download from the Google play store, which i think is due to an accidental delete of google.uploader, lol. Can anybody help with this?
  6. bcrichster

    bcrichster Well-Known Member

    Did u backup all your apps before deleting/uninstalling?
  7. zer01

    zer01 Active Member

    Not that one. I was deleting one of the Google apps (play, magazines, i dunno) that i don't bother to backup because i hate them, and in my hurry i got Google uploader... which I'm still not sure is the culprit of keeping me from downloading from the play store, though it seems most likely.
  8. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Well-Known Member Developer

    youll just have to get a fresh rom copy if you dont got it and pull that from there
  9. zer01

    zer01 Active Member

    So in the end, i just did a system restore through cwm and debloated from scratch, and since I've been messing with my background data usage permissions again, it's looking more like something there may have been what kept me from downloading from the play store
  10. zer01

    zer01 Active Member

    Junkie, btw, i would have been SOL without YOUR cwm, so thank you and everyone else for the help

    Edit: in case anyone was wondering and for future reference, i flashed Junkie's cwm with nandroid manager. I couldn't get the terminal install to work- kept telling me there was no such file. I probably just entered the commands wrong. I put the warplte_cwm.image file on the root of my sd card, used nandroid to browse my files and flashed it from there.
  11. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Well-Known Member Developer

    yea my sd card directories got mixed up most likely, its on external and youre trying internal, or vice versa

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