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  1. chris4x4

    chris4x4 Well-Known Member

    Anyone know what this file is for? And "Burstlyvideocache"??

  2. fury683

    fury683 New Member

    If I remember correctly, this stems from Angry Birds ads. Not sure if any other apps use it.

    Even with an ad-blocker, the folder will be created each time the app runs.
    chris4x4 likes this.
  3. fdnj48

    fdnj48 Well-Known Member

    There are definitely other apps that use it cuz I have it and I don't have Angry Birds on my phone.
  4. RichKessler

    RichKessler Member

    So deleting it is not a problem then, right?
  5. ces223

    ces223 New Member

    So is there a way to remove Angry Birds? It seems to be there forever, I have looked in the app system to clean off apps I don't use and it doesn't seem to be one I can delete.
  6. 1WalkingDead

    1WalkingDead Member

    Can you uninstall the angry bird app if you go into the app store?

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