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  1. tessosteo

    tessosteo New Member

    Hi, I am an Osteo (similar to physio) and have a small clinic in New Zealand. I am wanting to go from a paper-based appointment diary to 'computerised' and would like to buy an android tablet to use for work.
    However, I have read the forums and browsed the web and can't find any suitable appointment software that is android tablet compatible.
    Can anyone give me some suggestions?! i am thinking i am just going to have to buy a laptop instead.

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Well, you can set appointments in the default calendar, or basically any calendar app, like Jorte.

    It would all depend on what exactly would you want from an appointment program. The default calendar can set an alarm, time, date, duration, location, participants and notes regarding any event like an appointment you would have for that particular day. Then there are several software that are supposed to enhance the calendar features. (practically any phone/tablet nowadays could do this appointment feature on the default calendar)

    Here's what will come up if you type appointment on Android market:
  3. tessosteo

    tessosteo New Member

    I need a calender that i can pre-programme in available time slots for the week, which has clear day views with what time slots are available and which are booked & who has booked them. I also needs a clear week / month view.
    I viewed Jorte but its more ideal for personal appointments and the views too 'busy' for my needs.
    There are lots of software programmes for pcs and laptops which you can record bookings, payments and text and email reminders etc, but not for andriod.
    The closest i have seen is one called vagaro pro (?spelling) which is a hairsalon appointment app.
    I would also like the calender to be accessed offline.

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