Busybox How-to?

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  1. Davelosm

    Davelosm Member

    Hi everybody.

    I've been looking to install busybox on UK Milestone 2.1, and have found only a few pages of instructions, but all of these seem to come up with errors, I dunno if its the new firmware or just something I'm doing wrong with ADB.

    I'm fairly new at this but i know my way around flashing and had a shot at ADB so i'm not entirely a newbie..

    Anyone know of any (working) how-to's for busybox?

    Thanks in advance for the help

  2. craigcrawford1988

    craigcrawford1988 Well-Known Member

    This is how I installed BusyBox (you must have root):
    1. Download BusyBox from here and extract it to the SD card.
    2. Download Terminal Emulator (free).
    3. Download Root Explorer (
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  3. JohnM109R

    JohnM109R Active Member

    Or you can install Titanium backup Pro and this will install busybox for you also :)
  4. Davelosm

    Davelosm Member

    Thank you, I'll give this a shot and let you know.
    I tried the backup way via nandroid but I came across some EOCD error that way that I can't find the answer to.

    I suspect your method will work with root explorer since when i tried this earlier i was getting permission errors, but that should be fixed by mounting in RE, if im thinking right.

    Anyway, ill let you know

  5. Davelosm

    Davelosm Member

    Great! Worked perfectly, no problems at all.

    Except before you start you need to use root explorer to change the read/write permissions on system/xbin, otherwise it won't work.

    But thanks, saved me a lot of time.
  6. craigcrawford1988

    craigcrawford1988 Well-Known Member

    Glad it worked for you :D
  7. joelgm

    joelgm Member

    Sorry to barge into this thread. But my problem concerns the same..
    I'm trying to install busybox..
    I have managed to create /system/xbin and have copied the file busybox to /system/xbin.
    On executing the command
    busybox --install /system/xbin

    I get this error:
    busybox: /system/xbin/reboot: Operation not permitted.
  8. droidzone

    droidzone Well-Known Member

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  9. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    The simplest way by far is installing Titanium Backup and in the ap ou can make it install bb for you.
  10. droidzone

    droidzone Well-Known Member

    Indeed, that is the easiest method. But many people have reported that only Titanium can use the version installed in that manner. The location is inside titanium's data folder. We got to get it Inside the xbin folder.

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