Buy a Dext or not?

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  1. Uloga

    Uloga New Member

    I'm new to android and I'm thinking of buying a DEXT since it's in my range of price. I'm looking for a Android phone around

  2. Milkbottle23

    Milkbottle23 New Member

    I took out 2 contracts with the network Orange and got 2 Motorola Dext phones, one for me and the other for my girlfriend. And it's the best mobile i have had in a long time it does, everything i could possibly require a device to do. There is a slide out full alpha numeric keyboard and it's easy to use, my only slight quibble is the battery life it ain't fantastic. But having said that there is usually so much going on, at any one time the battery is bound to drain quicker.
  3. jjpb

    jjpb Member

    I have the Dext and am perfectly happy with it, however I have since found out that Milestone has a later version of the Android OS and has a wider screen. Have a look at the Milestone as well as the Dext as I think they are the same price
  4. nanobis

    nanobis Member

    The Milestone is a great phone, but they are bringing a newer one out milestone 2.

    Again the dext a brilliant phone but, it does have its draw backs, like there is no upgrade to 2.1 etc. Thats part of the reason that why I bought a Milestone and love it.

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