Buy from Verizon or Costco??

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    Aug 24, 2010
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    I'm on the list at Costco, should be able to pick up my X by the end of this week. They only get about 3 in at a time. Verizon price is $200 plus they charge tax on the whole retail price. Costco only charges tax on the $200 plus they give you a starter pack with car charger, case, and some third thing (can't remember) which is prob the equiv of $10 on Ebay and a savings of about $40-50 over Verizon. This is all with a renewal of my 2 yr contract.

    One more thing, at VZW I can get a 1 yr contract for $70 more but Costco only sells with a 2 yr contract. I thought a 1 yr might be good if some super new phone comes out in the meanwhile. I suppose I could just sell the X and buy whatever I want at retail. Any thoughts on these options?? Has anyone else bought from Costco? Thanks

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    Feb 23, 2010
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    Costco I think also has a 90 day return policy so if for some reason you dont like the phone you could return it, dont quote me on that. Also after a year the droid x will still be a decent phone, Im pretty sure its going to get 3.0 which will be up to date for at least a year after release. The only other phone that would possibly come out would be a dual core motorola phone. The phone would be cheaper after your 2 yrs is up, plus you could probably get an early upgrade on the phone and pay a small fee and sell the droid x on craigslist for a couple hundred next yr if you really want to. I sold a g1 for 110 a few weeks ago and that was 2 yrs old.

    In conclusion, go with costco its cheaper and a better deal and the droid x will be up to date for atleast a yr and a half.
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