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  1. Gnoxy

    Gnoxy Member

    Android havnt gotten to my country yet, and Im thinking about importing one. Since there have been no news on any of the phones comming to sweden, should I wait for the Magic to come out and import it or importe the G1?

    Any advice?

  2. sergey

    sergey Well-Known Member

    Unless you absolutely have to have a physical keyboard, why not wait?
    The Magic has a bit more internal memory and a slightly bigger battery. Other than that, they are the same.
  3. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

  4. cronk

    cronk Member

    Sadly that thread been hijacked in to a moaning about the G1/Magic thread.

    I've opted for the Magic after much umming and ahhing - I decided that I wanted the more up to date phone, with a touch more internal memory. This meant a change from T-mobile (who I've been with since about 96) but they wouldn't offer me any reasonable deal so I thought sod em.

    Having a great time with it - but in the end that's all down to the plethora of apps that there are. A fair number don't work as intended (designed for the G1) but I imagine that they'll get their updates before too long.

    I had a viewty before, and I can't get over how much bigger the screen is (3inches compared with 3.2 inches seems to make a huge difference).

    Anyway - v pleased with my choice. The on-screen keyboard is taking a little getting used to, but it's not bothering me. The trackball is useful now and again for fiddlier/smaller links sometimes, and for scrolling when reading larger pages it's nice.

    I'm glad overall that I didn't pink the rather cumbersome G1 in the end I think.

    Battery's been ok so far - not as bad as reports I heard of the G1 anyway. Mind you my old viewty had a terrible battery and I think it's an improvement on that. I'm used to charging daily anyway coz of that.
  5. chat

    chat Member

    I opted for Magic too, getting it delivered this Tue!:D

    I didn't want physical keyboard so given the sleek dimensions of Magic compared to G1 it was no brainer.

    I really like everything about Magic, except 1 thing the absence of 3.5mm jack:mad: But the rest of the features are fantastic. (ok memory could have been better still its good as it is) I like the look and feel of Magic, including the fact that it is plastic. I was also considering LG Arena, but then went to the shop to have a look at both phones and Arena feels like (well it is) a chunk of metal in your hand and in your pocket, cold squary and unfriendly, whereas Magic is complete opposite cool white colour, nice curvy and warm you just want to press it against your ear:) And of course Android which makes the phone so customizable, plus i use google all the time so it was only natural. I've also just downloaded SDK and planning to try my hand in developing.;)
  6. crazy88

    crazy88 Well-Known Member

    I'm glad you didn't go for the arena, its dire. I used one for a week or so, and really didn't like it. The touchscreen was not responsive enough plus a whole range of other problems.

    Anyway, back to the question. I just got a g1, and love it. I like the physical keyboard, and the battery is fine for me so far. The main reason I opted for the g1 was price though to be honest. At
  7. sergey

    sergey Well-Known Member

    Hey chat, crazy88

    I'm glad to hear that the battery life is decent, have a few questions for you:
    How long does the battery last and did you turn off wi-fi, gps, etc?
    How many 3rd party apps have you installed?
  8. David Green

    David Green Member

    As the two phones are closely related spec-wise, for me it was all about the keyboard. I tried the G1 and struggled with the slide out keyboard, my first finger covering the width of three to four keys (which have to be pressed). I then tried the Magic (assuming the virtual keyboard would be a nightmare) and was surprised to find typing so quick and easy, though would advise landscape over portrait.

    The other factor was data allowance, the G1 on tmobile (1gb) or Magic on Vodafone (500mb). My decision in the end was made for me as for some strange reason tmobile would not trust me with a contract. I explained that my credit rating was good and I had no problems over 3 years with o2 or Vodafone, but they didn't want to know.

    As a side note, when my contract is up I would consider getting a tmobile sim-only deal purely for the double data. But as Orange have bought them out would that mean data allowance going down to the 500mb that Orange offer? I asked someone at an Orange shop but he looked at me as if the lights had just gone out. Perhaps it was his first day. I am thinking ahead because I can't see me ever needing any other functions that the HTC Magic doesn't already offer.

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