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  1. porky101

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    Dec 14, 2009
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    I am currently deciding between a GS4 and a Moto X. I had a question about the GS4. Being that the phone just got an update, that is unrootable as of now, when I go to buy the phone will it have the latest OTA on the device(which would mean I cannot root it?) or what firmware it has on it depends on the store I go to? Also, for those of you who just bought the GS4, are you regretting the purchase a little since the Moto X is coming soon, or are you still happy with the GS4? I am really torn between the two devices, but if I buy a GS4 and cannot root it, that alone may push me to the Moto X.

  2. Podivin

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    Nov 29, 2009
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    My GUESS is that if you buy an S4 right now you're going to get 'old' stock and on first boot it will notify you of the update - if you're wanting to root then don't do it.

    Personally, from what I've read of the Moto X it doesn't seem like it will be quite as high-end a phone as the S4, so no I'm not bummed to have the S4. I am a fan of Moto phones, but S4 is a fine device.

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