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Buying from Google, using with Wind Mobile (Canada)?General

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  1. bubkusjones

    bubkusjones Well-Known Member

    Currently running with a cheap ZTE n762 on Public Mobile. It's been great (especially now that I've managed to get it rooted), but it's definitely behind-the-times on hardware (600mhz processor, 256mb ram), and I think it's time for an upgrade to a "proper" smartphone.

    So, after some research and budgeting, I've pretty much decided on a Nexus 4 on Wind Mobile. Wind and Public Mobile are the only two (that I could find) independent smartphone service providers in my area (not owned/serviced by Bell/Rogers/Telus, at least not yet). Public, who I'm with, unfortunately only works with their particular phones, and being a budget-friendly place, only uses relatively lacklustre hardware.

    Now, they sell the Nexus 4 through them, but the retail price from them is $549 (they offer their "Tab" program to offer discounts without having term contracts). I can buy it from Google, with shipping and taxes, for $425. Toss in a Wind SIM card for another $28 (inc. tax) and I'm all set for $100 less than the in-store price.

    I would much rather buy the phone outright, rather than use their Tab program, since A) my credit rating isn't exactly the best and B) they have a deal where if you buy the phone outright from them or bring in your own, they give you a $300 credit (X amount deducted off your bill each month for however many months, essentially giving me free voice mail for the duration).

    Now, given that they sell the phone in the store, I would assume there should be no issues getting one bought from Google to work. However, this is technology, so any chance there is for something to go wrong, it usually will. I'm just wondering if anyone here has done this, or has heard if there are any issues with getting it to work?

    I'm not in a huge rush, but my current month on Public ends this weekend, and I'd rather not pay for another if I'm going to switch. I can do without a phone for a week or two.


  2. jimrebello

    jimrebello Well-Known Member

    You'll have no problem getting the phone to work. It's completely unlocked from Google. all you have to do is ensure your SIM is active from Wind, and pop it in.

    I have a Rogers contract I'm still waiting out, but I just got a new SIM from them, did a SIM swap, and popped it into my N4 and it worked perfectly from day 1.

    I might switch to Wind when my contract is up, I'm not sure yet.
  3. bubkusjones

    bubkusjones Well-Known Member

    Awesome, thanks. That's what I figured, just wanted to make sure.

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