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  1. chatbox08

    chatbox08 New Member

    Hi! My GT-i5510 phone is awesome so far but it's getting laggy because I have too many applications so I plan to buy a new microsd card.
    I need your advice for buying it since I've limited knowledge about this.

    With GT-i5510 I know that I can buy expand my memory to 32 GB but I just want to know what's the preferred card speed? Does it matter if I buy class 2 or class 4? I'm afraid if I buy class 4 card my phone can't read it.
    Could someone help me please????


  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    It matters .
    Class 4 is fast and it is RECOMMENDED to use a class 4 SD card .
    Though you are wrong .
    I have almost 300 applications and never suffered a lag .
    I am using class 4 16 GB without a hitch .
    Class 2 SD card + Froyo (Android 2.2) app 2 SD means a slow ,laggy applications (even if you have 20-30).Class 2 SD is slower and laggy.

    You can only expand your storage memory .App memory remain almost same about 170 MB + Froyo app2SD . BTW class 4 2GB SD card is usually bundled with the phone.Without a Dual partitioned SD card you are stuck to Low memory problems whether with 4/8/16/32 GB

    It is best to use a Class 4 and above SD card .And for faster applications use a rooted phone+Dual partitioned SD card
  3. chatbox08

    chatbox08 New Member

    Thanks a lot for the help :)
    But just 2 more questions, what's dual partitioned SD card and rooted phone? I've read ur article about the low memory problem but since i'm no techo kinda person I still don't get it :(
  4. Hi,
    let me explain that, I have this phone too, android can not, install apps, in SD card, and you have just 180 Mg for apps,
    but you can root your phone, too access the ROm of your phone,and add an other partition too have larger space,
    ( I dont do this because my phone garantee will canceled ), but you can search and see the way too root it.

    مهاجرت کانادا
  5. dirtbikersa

    dirtbikersa New Member

    hey guys, new to site and just recently got a 551. Not a bad phone for what I paid for it. I would like to upgrade the micro sd card and was wondering if a class 6 or 10 card would work with the phone.

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