Buying my Droid at Walmart

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  1. Jim1970

    Jim1970 New Member

    Hello folks,

    Long time viewer, first time poster. Need some input.

    Went to Verizon today, thought I had a free upgrade -- led to this conclusion by verizon rep who told me this when I gave my upgrade to my daughter in November. Rep told me I could have her upgrade at the end of November.

    Since that time, I have been waiting, researching, and learning about the Droid. My kiddo got the Eris and hated it, so I have some experience with that phone -- which confirms I want the Droid. After many months, I decided today I was getting the Droid. Went into verizon store and rep told me I did not have an upgrade, and that I could get the phone for $300, with a $100 mail in.

    I went to the Walmart site and found the phone for $109 with an instant rebate. That would mean I would own the phone for that price. I spoke to walmart staff yesterday -- they said buying the phone at their store is just like buying it at a verizon store -- with one exception. They cannot transfer my contacts. However, they said verizon will typically transfer them for free, or for $10.

    I am upset with Verizon because I feel I was given inaccurate and/or misleading information. I have been with them for years, I pay my bills on time, and I have brought my entire family to Verizon -- I am moving from a traditional phone (env2) to a smart phone, which requires a data plan - so that means more money for them. Grrrrr.

    So, with all that said, here is my question: has anyone here bought a Droid at walmart? Did you have any problems? Is there anything to be aware of?

    Thanks in advance,


  2. kkaiser48

    kkaiser48 Member

    I was wondering the same thing. I am planning to switch from a local carrier with a Blackberry Pearl to a droid phone (haven't decided which one yet, probably Eris) with Verizon. The rep at Verizon told me to sync my BB to igoogle so I have. He said my info would all go to the droid phone through the igoogle site. So far, I have checked my calendar on the site and it does sync new information (just not the info I put on before I created my account). But would you be able to bluetooth the information over from one phone to the other? I am not very tech savvy so this may seem like a stupid suggestion but it was a thought.
  3. Jim1970

    Jim1970 New Member


    I am stunned no one has commented about my question.

    Has no one here purchased their droid at walmart? :confused:

    Please share your experience so as to help another droid lover.

    Thanks in advance,

  4. Josh0187

    Josh0187 Well-Known Member

    I would not buy my phone at Wal Mart, or if I did I would make 100% sure I had Assurion insurance for it...

    I don't know, just something about having the Wal Mart staff *cringe* sell me a phone.

    Go by Best Buy, they usually have instant rebates as well, and a dedicated mobile department of guys to handle any problems.

    Also if you want you could get GSBTP which is a non deductible phone insurance (you get a loaner if the phone has to go to SVC).

    I don't know, never got one at Wal Mart, but I would never trust Wal Mart with something that important.

    They give me groceries and clothes, not technology.
  5. kicker300zx

    kicker300zx New Member


    yes buying a droid at wal-mart is the same as buying at verizon, and yes they will transfer your contacts, dont tell them you purchased it at wal-mart, i would just say you bought it at another retail store or you bought in erilier in the week and you had forgot to bring your phone with you. they will generally do it for free but i cant promise it.

    the amount of money they quoted you for the droid is the bundle price with all the acessories. if you were not available for an upgrade the phone would have been about $500 no rebates.

    what you get at the verizon store, (sometimes), is peice of mind that you will be put on the correct rate plan etc. walmart and bestbuy mobile employess go through some computer trainings and that is it. verizon employee go through a month of face to face training by certified trainiers and have am entire department dedicated to training of employees nonstop.

    but if you dont want to go into a coorperate store i would definitly pick a best buy.
  6. 310toLeft

    310toLeft Active Member

    I would advise going to Best Buy personally...

    I've bought phones for myself from them and for family members. I had to go through a couple droid because of hardware defects and they were exchanged with really no questions asked.

    They also offer a in-house insurance plan for your phone.
  7. Unclebill

    Unclebill Active Member

    Been with Verizon Wireless for 14 years (actually it was Bell Atlantic Mobile when I started). I've ALWAYS dealt with the Verizon store ... always brought my phones in there for service or accessories ... always walked away with a satisfying experience. The reps know me and treat me well.
  8. Jim W

    Jim W Well-Known Member

    Yes because activating a new phone is such a technical process. ;)

    You could buy the phone, take it home and activate it yourself.

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