Buying Nexus 4 , Question about Micro SIM Providers

  1. CoMaToast

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    So After seeing the N4 , I decided I want this phone, as it seems to be the best out there for the Pre paid providers, But Straight talk does not seem to have any SIMs available anymore.. Net 10 is my next best option, and they seem to actually be available online, for $15.. Is there a reason for the shortage?

    I live in Duluth MN , which is primarily an AT&T owned area, as we have a lot of Country side and dead spots as you leave the city or main roads, Second Fiddle goes to Verizon, and Sprint is garbage up here.. I keep hearing that T Mobile offers faster speeds than ATT , ( about 10 mbps vs about 4 mbps for ATT ) But that doesnt mean a whole lot to me, what Matters most is coverage and Customer service...

    Seeing as how the N4 is an unlocked phone, Im assuming I could just go with Net 10 or ST after 30 days ( or until I get/find a SIM from ST or N10 ) ?

    Also just want to ask ppl , especially from the Midwest, Minnesota, Wisconsin, how T mobile works for them.. Cant wait for the N4, the site ( Google Play ) says 1-2 weeks before shipping, so It might be a while still, but just want to get things ready so when its here Im ready to go



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