Buying Paid Apps Overseas with Gingerbread

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  1. alvion

    alvion New Member

    Apologies if this has already been addressed elsewhere, but I've done quite a bit of digging and didn't find anything.

    I'm traveling overseas at the moment, and for this my Nexus One is a treasure. However, I no longer seem to be able to see or buy paid apps in the Market. In December 2010 and January 2011 I was simply using the SIM card trick (putting my valid t-mobile SIM card in temporarily to purchase or update paid apps, then reverting to my local SIM when finished). This no longer seems to work for me. The last time I tried was before I upgraded to Gingerbread (OTA, stock) so I suspect that Google has changed the method by which they determine your current region.

    Is the "SIM card trick" working for anyone else overseas to buy apps? Does anyone have any information about any changes to the algorithm for determining your region made in Gingerbread? Does anyone know precisely what their criteria are for determining your region?

    I've tried putting my phone in airplane mode, rebooting with a valid US t-mobile SIM card, and connecting to a US vpn connection shared by my laptop using Connectify. It should appear no different to their servers than me using my phone in airplane mode, connected to a normal wifi router in New Jersey.

    My suspicion is this: That because of the new web based market site, they now "remember" the last region your phone was associated with, and that region is only updated when you are actually connected to a cell network. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

    If it's true, then I'm SOL with regard to the US app market, which is particularly troubling for me since I'm an Android app developer!

    Anyway, any help is appreciated.

    Update: I'm aware of Market Enabler, but I would prefer not to root my phone for the moment, as I'm an app developer and would like to keep things as standard as possible.

  2. phlojo

    phlojo Well-Known Member

    If even US SIMs don't work anymore, that's a real bummer. Google is really sucking at this game. You sell Android phones all over the world but the market is only available to a handful of countries. I am far from being a fan of Apple, but they do sell apps universally.
  3. phlojo

    phlojo Well-Known Member

    The Android market is open in a lot more countries now. It's been available in Romania for a few days now. FINALLY!!! :cool:
  4. Roze

    Roze Hiding behind a mystery VIP Member

    Hi Alvion,

    I've moved your thread to the Android Lounge in hope that someone can help you since your issue is not device specific :)


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