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Discussion in 'Sprint' started by i VTAK, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Feb 10, 2010
    Ok so I'm not sure how this works. My wife is due for an upgrade and wants the S3. Amazon says they have it for $119 if we're renewing our contract. So when it comes in the mail can I activate it myself or would I have to take it to a Sprint store? Also, will I get the $36 activation fee?


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    Here's a couple of resources for your questions regarding activation:


    Activate your Samsung Galaxy S III

    Just a reminder that the ETF terms are different (Read:Steeper) when signing up via 3rd party such as AMAZON.

    Also BEST BUY has the SGS III 16 GB version for $99.99 + a $50 gift card to boot,which you might be able to apply to the purchase price (YMMV as to if the gift card can be applied to this purchase,or future BEST BUY purchases):
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    BB price matches Amazon.So if you want to go that route, just go to BB and tell them Amazon has it cheaper and they'll price match it. They'll also set up your phone so no worrying about how to activate it or any of the headaches associated with getting a new phone.

    Also like KOLIO said they're offering a $50.00 gift card to boot.
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