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Buzzing in hearing aid telecoil (Browse All)

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  1. donlduck

    donlduck Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 14, 2010
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    Reposting from the welcome forum (I'm new in here)...

    I got my HTC Desire last Sunday. It's a fantastic phone with great features, but whenever I hold it to my hearing aid with the hearing aid switched to Telecoil, mostly I hear the phone buzzing and making noises, whether I'm on a call or not. It drowns out the speech. I didn't notice this problem in the store, but there I was getting louder noise from their overhead fluro lights!

    I've placed a call to HTC support to ask them if there's a fix for this. FWIW, the same hearing aids worked just fine on my "old" 3G phone (A MotoRazr).


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