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  1. duncanhoo

    duncanhoo Well-Known Member

    picked one up because i loved the 3g version and wanted a phone - not a ping pong paddle. i loved everything about it but it has the same flaw the original incredible had - a faint ringing/buzzing when the radio connects to the network that you can hear with plugged in headphones.

    It is noticeable/annoying with music but makes the spoken word like audibooks impossible to listen to.

    returned it. :mad:

  2. quannumkid

    quannumkid Member

    I've only noticed this when the network bumps down to 3g, which for me is only when I walk down to a subway platform on my way to or from work, just briefly before all service cuts out. Ultimately, not annoying enough to warrant a return/exchange, for me at least.

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