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  1. elbmek

    elbmek Well-Known Member

    For the past 3-4 months the Ace has been really going slower, and found I was having to reboot on occasions to get it to run properly.

    2 days ago I became eligible for upgrade and went to my provider, Vodaphone. I was told 3 choices really, one was the 4.0 Android Ace. FOUR! I said mine is on 2.??. Oh they are all upgraded now. I asked why did I not receive an upgrade for android? Like my apps upgrades, he could not answer. So I asked about choices and he said DONT go for the new galaxy, sales are dropping rapidly, people are looking elsewhere. OK I said, what? He showed me the Sony Experia Miro. With the latest Android drivers, and bigger memory, and .................... the list went on. Needless to say I took it. When I got it home it offered me a software upgrade straight away!! Whoooooooo. Now, where is the Sony page?

  2. squitten

    squitten Well-Known Member

    I recently sold my SGA, I'm now a proud owner of a Samsung s3 Mini. I decided to pay a little bit extra rather than buy another entry level phone!:):):)
  3. elbmek

    elbmek Well-Known Member

    dont you just love these 21c buzz words - not. state of the art, entry level, iconic, legend, etc

    lemme guess:

    state of the art: modern? so why not say modern?
    entry level: assume this means a basic item, so say BASIC!!
    iconic: why is everything iconic, including the contents of my nasal passages?
    legend: someone who had one hit song in the top 40, in 1969
    hero: someone who had one song in the top 20 in 1969, someone on drugs who preaches revolution, anarchist druggie who is doing his third trip to prison for speaking out against the establishment and broke another window.
  4. squitten

    squitten Well-Known Member

    Thanx for sharing your thoughts elbmek:):)

    I've only heard of the term "entry level" which means basic low range.

    How I view it is..

    Low Range- Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Y, HTC Wildfire S, ZTE Blade
    Mid Range- Galaxy s3 Mini, Motorola Razr i, Sony Xperia P
    Top Range- Galaxy s3, Sony Xperia Z, HTC One X plus

    The reason why I choose to upgrade to a mid range smartphone is because I wanted a step up from I what I had before!!
  5. elbmek

    elbmek Well-Known Member

    As long as its a phone, the rest is superfluous, eye candy as the yanks say. :smokingsomb:
  6. squitten

    squitten Well-Known Member

    Nice :) a bit too big for my pockets but I heard it's a great smartphone!!
  7. Gammer

    Gammer Well-Known Member

    I think I've been on here nearly 2 years now since I first got my ace and my contract is up on Monday,decided to go with the S3 Mini for my next one,Im passing the ace down to my son so he can just use it to play with the limitied available apps.
  8. squitten

    squitten Well-Known Member

    Good choice, see you on the s3 mini forum!!:)

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