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  1. Anthony1970

    Anthony1970 Well-Known Member

    Well I guess Im returning mine. The voice quality is starting to annoy me now. I thought I could get used to it but its like talking into a tin can. My voice sounds so echoee 80% of the time. Went to 3 Verizons to talk into their and they all did it to varying degrees. Sad that they never came up for a fix for the bad voice quality. Its a great phone besides that. The battery has been good to me. I have managed 48 hours on the stock battery before charging.

    I need to find a replacement phone. Any suggestions?? LOL:D

  2. ACD168

    ACD168 Well-Known Member

    lol yea. save $30 a month and get a media phone :)
  3. rtm0004

    rtm0004 Well-Known Member

    hmmm...never had that problem on mine but I could see how it would be annoying
  4. Anthony1970

    Anthony1970 Well-Known Member

    To bad most of Verizons media phones are crap. Again I liked the droid incredible but for phone calls its just not up to par.
  5. Anthony1970

    Anthony1970 Well-Known Member

    I had heard some people dont have the problem. I dont know whats causing it and neither does HTC. Im wondering if its just certain areas. That would explain why all the incredibles in a 20 mile radius where I live do it.(some people think its a hardware issue or just a bad batch of phones)

    It appears that it goes in and out. Very inconsistant with the way my voice sounds when Im talking into the phone. Seems when I move the phone up or down it changes it slightly.
  6. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    I am on my second Dinc and have never found the call quality any less than stellar on either device. It would be interesting to test your phone in a different cell area and see if the quality is still sub par. If it's a problem with one or more of the VZ towers in your area... a different device will not be the fix. In any even, I wish you the best of luck in changing devices.
  7. medwa

    medwa Well-Known Member

    The voice quality on my Incredible is very good. I've had to replace 3 Incredibles, making this my 4th one. None of the replaces were due to the voice quality, which was great on the previous 3 and on this one as well.

    So what are you looking to replace your Incredible with?
  8. ACD168

    ACD168 Well-Known Member

    I fully agree. I was just playin. Honestly I would save the upgrade for a few months down the line for whats to come.
  9. Anthony1970

    Anthony1970 Well-Known Member

    I would love to wait but I have 18 months left.LOL
  10. Anthony1970

    Anthony1970 Well-Known Member

    I had the casio brigade and no call quality problems at all. It could be just specific to the di in certain areas. It does it in at least a 20 mile radius so far. If the casio brigade didnt have others problems(build quality on the one I received) I would have kept it. LOL I had gotten 3 that had build issues. One with a loose hinge, and two that had keyboard issues. I really like the DI but call quality is first and foremost important to me before the internet or apps. The Brigade was perfect in call quality. I may just go back to that. The issues that I had with it seem bearable now compared to the bad call quality Im experiencing with the DI. Amazon wireless is going to start to hate me very soon I think.LOL

    Im not sure yet.(As I state earlier in this post, maybe back to the casio brigade.LOL I know its not a smartphone but it had stellar call quality.) I just did the whole evrc thing to the DI phone. It didnt help, actually made it worse so I put it back.:(
  11. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Well-Known Member

    I'd go with a DX.

    No problems with my call quality, BTW.
  12. snuggles

    snuggles Well-Known Member

    It's a cell phone, they all sound bad to me. The best cell phone call quality I ever had was my brick phone from the 80's.
  13. tmarr

    tmarr Well-Known Member

    Droid X would be the next in line man.

    My phone quality is fine though and I've had 2 of them...
  14. Anthony1970

    Anthony1970 Well-Known Member

    Yeah but I have never had a cell do what this one is doing.

    I was thinking of the droid x or fascinate.(though they both have there fair share of problems as well) But they are both so huge. I love the size of the incredible. I just dont know. I think maybe I should just go back to a basic phone for now and wait a year and a half for another smartphone. Maybe these companies will have gotten smart by that point and stop releasing all these buggy phones.
  15. BetaMan

    BetaMan Well-Known Member

    No call quality issues here either and I've had mine since roll-out day! It MUST be the area you're calling from. Perhaps bad cell tower or some other kind of interference. Too many people are reporting NO problems with their call quality. If you get a DX (crappy "Motoblur") or the Facinate (crappy "Bing" and no Google), the call quality may still be the same. Would be interesting to find out, just hate knowing you're moving on to a far less superior phone.

  16. chigins

    chigins Well-Known Member

    It really is a bummer that you have to move on. My wife &I both have DI's & no call quality issues. Good luck in your search.

    Central, CA :(
  17. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Well-Known Member

    Well that was exactly my issue with the DX and the Fascinate: they're huge. I carry my phone in my pocket so I don't need a VCR stuffed in there. Plus, I've been reading about too many quality problems with Samsung phones while the two HTC phones I've owned have been great.
  18. Anthony1970

    Anthony1970 Well-Known Member

    It does suck. The droid x and fascinate, while nice phones and having a few higher specs than the Incredible just dont seem to be as good to me. I really like the incredible. Its size is perfect, the keyboard is one of the easiest touch screen boards I have ever typed on and I have large hands. The larger Droid x is harder to type on in my opinion. The browser on the Incredible is perfect and the phone overall is a breeze to use. Im going to call HTC this week and see what they say. I decided maybe I will try to keep this phone.

    I dont want to. I hope I can find a way to stick with this phone.

    Yeah. I dont want to carry them around also.
  19. bjanow

    bjanow Well-Known Member

    That is quite the generalization and actually untrue. I'm assuming you are talking about call quality since that was your original complaint. Verizon's phones have great call quality and the reception is second to none. Calls don't drop and the sound on the phone is crystal clear. I'm sure you're having issues, but if your assumption were true Verizon wouldn't be the #1 network.
    So perhaps you should try to figure out why your experience is unlike that of almost everyone else
  20. Anthony1970

    Anthony1970 Well-Known Member

    Nope not talking about call quality in general for Verizon.(look at my post above the casio brigade has AWESOME reception) I was actually considering getting the brigade again.
    Its cousin the Ravine is also a very sturdy phone but it suffers call quality not because of Verizons serivice but because of the phone design. The Ravine actually has the mic on the right side of the inside hinge and left handers sound muffled when using the phone because their faces hit the mic when talking. I had read this online and decided to check it out,(im left handed)it is indeed true everyone I called on it couldnt hear me at times.

    The majority of Verizons basic phones get less than stellar reviews usually not based on call quality issues. I have seen most of them and do not care for the build quality on them. They are not making many high end(like the env series) basic phones any longer. They want people to move into smartphones.

    As for the incredible Im well aware that the majority of people getting great reception on it. Im convinced its just my area when it concerns the Incredible. I went to three verizons and checked out their Incredibles and they all did it. I have read about the call quality issue, it does exist for the incredible. Verizon and HTC said a fix was coming back in June.(Theres none yet)

    I wouldnt have signed with Verizon if I didnt believe they had good coverage. They do. I dont think the incredibles issues have anything to do with Verizon but instead with the incredible itself.

    LASTLY, I have been experimenting with the way I hold the incredible. If I dont have the mic close to my face but instead lift it away about tow inchs and just have the receiver touching my ear, I dont hear the echo. The call quality is than pretty good with the occasional hiss or static. ALSO the phone actually works very well with the loudspeaker when holding the phone up to my ear.LOL No echo whatsoever and the mic is very clse to the face.
  21. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    I have the call issue and always have with the Inc. First Tegra 2 phone VZW has- I am gone from the Inc. Got used to my Gtablet speed and the Tegra 2 chipset.
  22. Anthony1970

    Anthony1970 Well-Known Member

    I did do a search and sorry but the ones that are out there are over a month old. Second they have more to do with incoming call quality than ones own voice echoing back. Third the old threads arent valid anymore and I most likely wouldnt get any resposes, since I did ask for suggestions on a new phone. Fourth the first link you gave was my own thread and barely anyone responded to it and also things have changed since than and I now may give up on the phone. Fifth there is no reason to get angry and rude about the whole thing.
  23. Cincybearcatfan

    Cincybearcatfan Well-Known Member

    I understand that they are old, but when you post a new response to them they bump back to the top and people do respond to them. Voice quality is voice quality, whether you are talking about incoming or outgoing calls.
  24. Mahalo

    Mahalo Well-Known Member

    I'm on my 4th and never an issue here either... Good Luck! Hope ya find something that works great for you!
  25. EinZtein

    EinZtein Well-Known Member

    If you go with the X you'll regret it on many levels. I have both and the X is a pos.
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