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  1. albanymike

    albanymike Well-Known Member

    My S2 will be here Friday! 259 tax included thanks boost!! 40 dollar:D plan 5 for insurance. NO 4 G on there map but if you go to clear it says we do have coverage there but were not we can not sell it there . Call boost and they said there no 4 G and if you getting 4G signal use it and enjoy. I got 7000kbps but most times only 3000. YES THE WIFI is OFF. hey what the heck great phone!!!

  2. Codegerm

    Codegerm Well-Known Member

    I love my S2. I don't have 4g service where I live, but I wanted the phone for it's memory, display and performance. It is a big jump up from my Prevail (which is a good little phone once you drop a different ROM in it)

  3. LilBit

    LilBit Well-Known Member Contributor

    I'm so jealous!!!:)
  4. ZingBot

    ZingBot Well-Known Member

    How did you get it for $259 ?
  5. kracker160

    kracker160 Member

    im guessing he did the buy back program and traded in his warp
  6. albanymike

    albanymike Well-Known Member

    was having problem with my warp the last 3 weeks phone would not ring and i'd get the voicemail 20 30 minutes later, so I called boots tech and we did all the programing in all and check the tower which is 1.8 mile up the road. She wanted to do a hard resent so I did it but it never came back I told here it would not come back and I said you f----ed my phone up!!! I said get me to a manager asap. so the manger said to me insurance or % off a new phone. So I said % off phone and he said you can get the evo or some other low end phone so I told him fk off, evo 3 is yrs old hung up on him. Called back and said i've been thought hell and he said i can see that in your notes but there is a promo code in your notes, so I said telesales please and they tried the code on the S2 and to my surprise IT WORKED. earlier in the year before I rooted it and it would freeze i called Boost and they said send it for warrenty repair so I said what phone do I use in the mean time?? so they sent me a samsung seek. Then I rooted it and it worked 9mo's before the above problems started.
    (rooted warp for sale)
    love you boost.
    (flashed it back to nII2 or whatever its called,it's ready to go)
    remember make sure they take notes on everything! % was like 38% or something in the 30's.
  7. ZingBot

    ZingBot Well-Known Member

    Now I see...I was hoping for a top secret promo that was so good I couldn't pass up the S2.

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