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  1. alfick3

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    Ok, so I am really thinking about T-Mo's BYOD program due to the new Nexus 4 coming out. I am currently with MetroPCS and have been very happy. I have some questions though. I've been looking at their website and am not really finding good info. When I click on the BYOD it shows a family plan @ $59.99/line per month. What do I get for that? How many minutes, data, etc? When I look at the other value plans, they all talk about a 2 year contract. I'm not interested in that. I want to get a Nexus 4, get my microsim card from T-Mo and pay month to month. Can this be done? What are the prices, etc?

    Thank you very much in advance.

  2. tube517

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  3. alfick3

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  4. mogelijk

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    You can find the prepaid T-Mobile plans here. The $30 "Walmart" plan is shown there which gives 100 minutes, unlimited texts and "unlimited" data (5GB before it is throttled).
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  5. aurora40

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    FYI, the "Value" plans are also priced around you either bringing your own device, or buying one at full price. The only downside is they require a 2-year contract. They used to just require you to pay an activation fee, which was a lot more attractive. I'm not sure why they changed that.

    Value plans are basically Classic plans, but without the markup to cover subsidizing a device.

    Monthly 4G (prepaid, no contract) is the way I'd go, but if they don't have a plan that does it for you, you may want to check out the Value ones.

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