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Bypass Fascinate Activation Screen!Tips

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  1. je2345

    je2345 Member

    To bypass activation screen, press emergency call button, then at the dialer, press *#83786633, then press the Home key! Enjoy!

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  2. Araliss

    Araliss Well-Known Member

    What's the purpose of by passing the activation screen? Probably a dumb question but I was curious.
  3. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    so if you are using the phone before activating it, really helpful for store employees
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  4. Araliss

    Araliss Well-Known Member

    Ahh makes sense. Thanks for explaining. :)
  5. alasfar1

    alasfar1 New Member

    THANKS! this helped me out!
  6. RHONDA2011

    RHONDA2011 New Member

    so after i bypass the activation screen and get logged in. and if my phone is moving slow i tend to remove battery-it takes me back to that screen each and everytime. how can i avoid that?
  7. star2011

    star2011 Member

    still not clear,can you explain with more details?
  8. WolfHunter21

    WolfHunter21 New Member

    I entered "*#83786633" and it just says "Softkey is enabled", in addition to having the numbers that I entered, erased. Am I doing something wrong?
  9. whitakerla

    whitakerla New Member

    No, you're doing just right. All you left out is the final step...hit the home button.
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  10. whitakerla

    whitakerla New Member

    If everyone is curious as to why this is usefull....I currently have an employee account with Verizon. Therefore, the facinate that I bought on Ebay and recieved on Friday can not be activated by simply dialing *228. It has to be activated by my account manager on Monday. I would like to still play with the phone throughout the weekend, so I wanted to bypass the activation. Hence the purpose. Another reason, if you're in a store and you have a demo phone that you don't want to activate, but show off all the features to your customers, then...bypass the activation. Hope this helped.
  11. Bradoneill

    Bradoneill New Member

    Thanks for the tip. It worked perfectly. I can't activate the phone for another week but now I can play.
  12. jamesnmandy

    jamesnmandy Well-Known Member

    why dont you just hit the skip button on the activation screen that comes up
  13. kman123456

    kman123456 New Member

    I dont get it, once i bypassed it , how do i get back to the activation screen? bc i just wanna pplay around and wait till i activate the phone
  14. Kype

    Kype New Member

    thanks so much you fruscking rule man!
  15. aximtreo

    aximtreo Well-Known Member

    This works great as long as you don't turn the phone off. Is there a way to make this hack last until a reset is done. I use the Trophy but want to use the Fascinate for audiobooks, music; etc.:confused:
  16. chuck274

    chuck274 New Member

    Q: Will this work if i want too flash the phone to another carrier.
  17. Sallana

    Sallana New Member

    Thank you for this. My kid uses my old fascinate to play games on. He calls it his video game. He ended up factory resetting it and I was completely perplexed on how to get it back to working order for him. Try figuring anything out with a 3 year old screaming "ANGRY BIRD SPACE" in your face :p
  18. xliderider

    xliderider Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this! :)

    FYI, easier to remember key sequence as *#TESTMODE
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