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Bypass Screen lock, preserve Data

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  1. mandalore04

    mandalore04 New Member


    My wife and I recently lost her daughter, my step-daughter, in a car accident. My wife wants to see what text messages etc she has on her phone trying to piece that last few days of her life together. She has a PIN lock that we can't seem to figure out and to our knowledge never made a google account. Does anyone know of a way we can get into this phone without losing anything on it.

    Thank You

  2. bfederspill

    bfederspill New Member

    Take it to the store of her carrier. They might get it unlocked for you? Sorry for your loss.
  3. lrv

    lrv Well-Known Member

    Wow! That's terrible. I'm so sorry. Was Verizon able to help?

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