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  1. Crashff

    Crashff Member

    LG makes 3 variations of the C800: The C800G, C800DG, and C800VL.

    According to everything I could dig up, the C800G is primarily a canadian use phone by Skytel and Bell mobile, but it is also used by Virgin Mobile as the LG Eclypse.

    the C800DG and C800VL on the other hand.. everything says they are both used by TMobile. Somehow I doubt this is true, so I did a bit more digging.

    LG has a developer website that you can feed your IMEI into, and it reveals a lot of usefull info, including the download address for the most current stock KDZ reload image if one is available.

    I fed my TMo C800 IMEI to the web, and this is what LG says:


    As you can see from the section I put in bold, my TMo C800 is actually a C800DG, not a C800VL like most people commonly think.

    Due to the inherent danger of flashing the wrong rom on a phone, I figured I would double check, and at least provide the resource for people to check on their own phone as well:

    Code (Text):
    1. csmg.lgmobile.com:9002/csmg/b2c/client/auth_model_check2.jsp?esn=INSERT IMEI HERE
    copy/pasta the address above into your browser.
    Insert your IMEI into the above web address. Press enter.

    You should get back a BLANK PAGE.. it's not really blank. it's XML.
    Right Click on the page and select VIEW SOURCE to see the XML goodies hidden from you.

    This web address should work for all LG phones. If there is a stock carrier KDZ reload image available, the download address for it will appear in the XML under the <SW_URL> section.

  2. Alright, I just put my IMEI in on this like you posted and here is what it told me mine is. Is there possibly a 4th type floating around out there? I have many more support questions too if anyone may be able to help me out?

  3. cbanyai

    cbanyai New Member

    Don't the letters reference the color of the phone? DG = dark gray, VL = violet? We have two in the house here, and that seems to be the case.
  4. Crashff

    Crashff Member

    I thought that the letter codes were the colors at first as well, but I put in an IMEI for a violet one, and it came out as a C800DG. I did get a hold of an LG Eclypse (C800G) and it is the exact same as my own C800DG, except it has a search button instead of the Genius button used by T-Mobile, so I do think it's more than just a color code, but also software. I think there may have been slight hardware differences within the revisions as well. I don't know.

    With my old P509TN Optimus T Titanium, the TN was the color code on the sticker, but it did not show up in the XML data from LG. Whereas with my C800, the sticker ONLY says C800, and the XML data said DG.
  5. Crashff

    Crashff Member

    countryboy0927: Do you use a normal contracted plan or a prepaid?
  6. Pre-paid. Well, actually it's still pre-paid but I've been reduce to a cheap $50 Alcatel phone since I can't seem to get my myTouch Q phone to the reboot recovery screen............
    Completely hating life in that area right now!
  7. Crashff

    Crashff Member

    Countryboy, I've been talking with a few friends more knowledgeable than I am, and the consensus is that you may be able to use the C800DG kdz file with the kdz flasher set to emergency mode because the hardware is likely to be only minimally different, but we have absolutely no idea how it will affect the phone's settings for being a pre-paid.

    Theoretically it shouldn't, but I dont know how android interacts with things like sim-locks and network locks, etc,. and there is a possibility the DG recovery file may put them into place. Again, I have no clue.

    It's very much a "try at your own risk"

    reboot recovery is A+F+Vol Down + Power
    LG C800 hard reset - PDA Smartphone PNA hard reset soft reset

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