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  2. stlouie65

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    Thanks for the upload but it gives me a

    Your client is not allowed to access the requested object.
  3. Crashff

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    Mine did that too intermittently. It's something that LG has in place. I did manage to get the KDZ file downloaded on my work PC when I posted this yesterday, so I'll upload it to Dropbox when I get a chance.

    DropBox Added -> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24233457/V10V_00.kdz
  4. I've got CM9 on my phone which is actually really nice. Problem is, every single time I boot my phone I lose all data and settings. I only have stock recovery. Now I'm trying to get my phone into S/W mode to re-install stock ROM but that's not working. Anyone know how to do it other than the both volume buttons and the the power button? I've got everything else I need. Just can't get it in that mode. If you know will you please post it here and P.M. me with it?
  5. Crashff

    Crashff Member

  6. david244us

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    After days of trying to fix it this post fixed it the first time, ty crashff, didn't have to get in in debug mode or anything :)

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