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Cab't download apps from Andorid Market..Google responds.Support

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  1. ztmike

    ztmike Well-Known Member

    So..I just got my Nexus One today and got service going (still waiting on the ability for me to use mobile web) But I'm connected to my WIFI right now and when I try to install any apps it freezes in the "Downloads" section saying "Starting Download..."

    I googled searched this and found this
    Download issues: stalled at "Starting download" - Android Market Help

    From the OP (which is a Google employee) says this

    I'm guessing its network wide and not just with the Nexus One..

    Anyone else? ...I'm in the U.S.A

    Edit: It seems like its a bug..I skimmed through that thread and if you press and load "Google Talk" and exit back out and go to the market..it lets you download apps..weird.

  2. jblazea50

    jblazea50 Well-Known Member

    yeah, i was having the same issue today and when i searched for the problem, someone said the same thing, which was to try a chat with GTalk and it should work fine

    it did solve the problem
  3. redrose1

    redrose1 New Member

    whats gtalk

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