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  1. adam_hilluk

    adam_hilluk Well-Known Member

    Due to memory issues on the desire which we're all aware of I wanted an easier way to clear my cache.

    Well I managed to find '1-click cleaner' on the android market. The name is a little deceptive as its not really 1 click but does the job of showing you just apps that have stuff in the cache, to save crawling through everything. Then you can clear them easier but the same as via app manager.

    Not the prefect solution but hope it helps someone. Personally I've used folder organizer to give it a more appropriate symbol and stuck it on my tools screen :)

    It's free on market BTW

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  2. Fishyweb

    Fishyweb Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Useful app.

    LECTER Well-Known Member

    I use Quick App Clean Cache, it's a paid app though.

  4. aceominous

    aceominous Well-Known Member

    Nice :D

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