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  1. daniellouwrens

    daniellouwrens Active Member


    is there a google calander app that will sync with my Windows Live Mail Calander?


  2. robinch

    robinch Member

    Daniel, I am looking for same thing. Since the Hotmail app upgraded to Outlook, I cant get the hotmail calendar info anymore. Before the offical Hotmail Droid app was changed, everything worked like a charm. I could even save emails to the calendar on my device! Anybody out there know what to do?????
  3. daniellouwrens

    daniellouwrens Active Member


    I have uninstalled the Hotmail app, I tried the Outlook app and it was
    too controlling, it was like having a Mac. So now I just use the web interface.

    I have given up on the Calendar syncing, I could do it but my wife found it too difficult, now she uses Google Calendar exclusively.



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