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  1. FortKnox

    FortKnox Well-Known Member

    To the team writing the Calculator app:
    I've just started taking a Personal Finance class and we were doing some calculations involving numbers above a million. I learned very quickly that when you're putting very large numbers into the Calculator app, it takes valuable time to keep making sure you have the right number of zeroes in every number. So I thought, "I would make so much sense to have the calculator have an option to turn on commas. So instead of 1000000, it would look like 1,000,000." I can just read that so much faster. And given how many other things in Android just make sense, I would suggest this as well.

  2. FortKnox

    FortKnox Well-Known Member

    I think that means that I've got my head up my hoo-hah and makes NO sense. Fair, but why not?
  3. lam418

    lam418 Member

    The current calculator app need interface re-work.

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