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Calendar and Contact QuestionsGeneral

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  1. RWFarley

    RWFarley Member

    I have some questions regarding how to "best" use the calendar(s) and Contacts.

    I want everything in one Calendar, so I've currently settled to showing only my Exchange (Outlook) calendar on my phone. I set up Google's program on my work PC to copy my Outlook calendar to Google Calendar so I can read it on my PC at home. After a number of missed meetings (and angry boss) I set this to a one-way push from Outlook to Google. No more missing entries. This means I cannot edit my calendar on my PC at home. How do I view/use/edit a single calendar on my phone, Exchange, and my home PC?

    Contacts are confusing to me. I don't fully understand how to think of them. I have ~500 contacts from Outlook, most of which were pushed to GMail. When I first started to use the phone and log in to Facebook, etc. I was prompted to "link" contact IDs. After linking a few hubndred I though I was OK, but none of the newer contact pictures on my phone have been synced with Outlook. How do I sync this information? I PRESUME that linking really keeps multiple entries for a person with some fields from each source? What really happening when I "link" and how can I "merge" them instead?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. RWFarley

    RWFarley Member

    Any help?? I REALLY want to "Push" some of the Facebook or Linkedin pictures to my (primary) Outlook Contacts, but this seems impossible!?!

    Is there an App that will let me copy pictures (and maybe other data) between the various (Outlook, Facebook, Linkedin, ...) contacts for a person?
  3. danaj

    danaj Well-Known Member

    Try asking over at xda forums, there is more people paying attention to questions over there. I don't use outlook, so I am unable to help you, but I think a few people do over at xda. Here is a link to the general thread for our phones.
    myTouch 4G Slide General - xda-developers
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