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  1. buffal0b1ll

    buffal0b1ll Member

    Perhaps this is an Android issue, but I have a Commando and am posting here.

    Sunday 3/11 is the 2am for Spring Forward.

    Most...but not all..of my calendar events after 3/11 are off by an hour. Trend seems to be that all Google Calendar recurring events are now an hour earlier.
    Most but not all MS Exchange events are an hour earlier. The trend seems to be that recurring events are NOT wrong, but that single events ARE wrong.

    I went through this as a MS Exchange 2000 admin a decade ago and there was a MS patch. Can Google really be subject to the same problems a decade later?

    Anybody else have this problem or know a fix?

  2. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    Not related to daylight savings time, but when I got this replacement phone off Ebay and synced my google calendar to this phone all my events were off by two hours. Seems weird since the google calendar is saved online. Also when crossing time zones the calendar seems to mess up. a reminder will go off for the wrong time, but it would be a correct time in the old time zone. I think this is a google calendar glitch.
  3. buffal0b1ll

    buffal0b1ll Member

    I noticed Calendar>Settings>Use Home Time Zone in my search for an answer in Settings. Perhaps you have it checked and that's the cause of your time zone crossing glitch.
  4. buffal0b1ll

    buffal0b1ll Member

    I notice that when I go to edit an after-3/11-event that the correct times are edittable in the interface but taht the greyed out hour-off times are also there. Interesting.

    I've read on other sites that the problem may go away once daylight savings comes on 3/11. If that's the case, I find it to believe that Google can't do better than that.

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  5. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    Well I haven't crossed time zones since I got this commando, but I'll def look to see if that was the problem.
  6. runsondiesel

    runsondiesel Well-Known Member

    This probably won't help with the calendar, but I noticed this with the sunrise/sunset app in Gz gear:


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