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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by robelUK85, Sep 10, 2010.

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    Sep 10, 2010
    Hi, all! I got my EVO on Sunday, and the first thing I did was sync my Google calendar. The first morning when I woke up I got an alarm/notification for my first appointment (I hadn't erased it for the holiday). I went to the calendar to find that all my appointments have 10 minute notifications. I don't need this by any means. I went to Google Calendars and put a universal "no notification" rule on, and online, all the notifications disappeared.

    I was unable to sync the calendar (I have a Mac and cannot sync using my computer...the only downside to the phone). I erased the calendar data and restarted my device, and when it resynced it still had the alarms. Then, I went into the calendar settings and did my best to do what I thought would mean there would be no notifications. Whenever I clicked on an event and clicked "back" the alarm would erase. So then I thought it would work if I cleared the data and then set it to the "what I thought would be no notifications" setting and turn off and back on...and still have those dad-gummed notifications (to all the events except the ones that I clicked on and subsequently deleted the alarm somehow magically).

    Does anybody know how to erase those stupid notifications? I read the "suggested threads" and none of them really answered my question. I have as many as 13 appointments back-to-back each day and I don't need those to have alarms, as they're annoying as all be...



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