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Calendar - Copy Exchange Data to Google

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  1. David737

    David737 Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 7, 2010
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    A friend and I purchased an Android EVO on June 4th. Mine is working great, but my friend has a technical problem with his Calendar. He has an Exchange Account with all his contacts and calendar appointments. We synced the Exchange to his EVO and all is well. He only has mobile and OWA access to his exchange account. He has all of his contacts in Exchange and we were able to copy them over to his Google Gmail account using Android software. We have not found a way to copy over all the Calendar appointments from the Exchange Calendar to the Google Gmail Calendar. If anyone has a suggestion, please respond. Once he has copied over all the Calendar Appointment to Google Calendar he can stop using the Exchange server system. Again he only has OWA (On-Line Web Access) and Mobile Access to this account. He does not have Desktop Outlook 2007 (etc.) access. Thanks, David and his friend Bill.


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