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Calendar has stopped!Support

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  1. Sailing_Nut

    Sailing_Nut Well-Known Member

    Anyone else seeing issues with this?

    Every time I go to "refresh" my celendar I get a message saying "Unfortunately, Calendar has stopped"

    I am syncing with my Google calendar and my work Exchange calendar. Things were working just fine and a few days ago this started.

    Really frustrated with this one.

    Help is appreciated!

  2. Sailing_Nut

    Sailing_Nut Well-Known Member

    Was just thinking, I have submitted 20 or so reports on the problem. (Assuming they go to Google.)

    Does anyone know if there is a way to follow up on these reports to see what is going wrong?
  3. Sailing_Nut

    Sailing_Nut Well-Known Member

    I did not find the root cause, but a Verizon guy helped me out. I mentioned it to him in the store and he suggested just deleting the calendar app data. Duh!

    No more crashing and all of my data synced back.

    Feeling a bit stupid I did not think of that on my own.
  4. gspears

    gspears Active Member

    Don't feel so stupid. This did not work for me. The only thing that works is deleting the entire google calendar. Then it syncs up fine but the first thing I add causes it to stop working again. This deleting and resyncing is a real pain and very time consuming. Any ideal?

  5. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    I have 10+ google calendars that I sync and never have a problem. Is it an exchange calendar that causes it or definitely a google calendar?

    Does it crash when you try to add a calendar to sync or actually add a new event? I am wondering if maybe there is a corrupt calendar. Maybe try creating a new calendar through the web calendar and then only try to sync and add events to that one. See if it still errors. If not, there must be some bad data in one of your existing calendars. Delete them and use the new one.

    Just a thought.... hope it works.
  6. mrmichaelh

    mrmichaelh New Member

    I'm having the same problem (SIM-free HTC One X). I've tried deleting the data and syncing again, but I get the same error :-(
    Any suggestions gratefully received...
  7. sukhendu

    sukhendu New Member

    Okay so I had been facing this problem from past couple of weeks and finally after some R&D i managed to crack it...Here's what I did :

    Phone : Sony Ericsson xperia Neo V.
    Goto Settings->Apps->Select ALL tab->Select Calender Storage.

    If it is disabled then, enable it. (in my case, this was the issue. After enabling, calender will start working fine.)

    If it is already enabled then try disabling and then enabling it again.

    Let me know if this works for you. Otherwise keep applying some trial n error method :)


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