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    I often need to refer to events on my calendar from a year or two ago but the calendar app seems to only sync the last few months, even going so far as to remove older posts. is there a setting I am missing or a program out that will allow me to keep all of my old events on my phone?

  2. kyleresq

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    Tmobile G2
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    Android will only sync back two months.

    I have found two solutions:

    1. Turn off your auto date setting and reset your date to before your first historical entry. Eg. if you want to sync all your calendar entries to the year 2000, set your date to Dec 31, 1999. It will fool your phone into thinking it is 1999 and will sync everything. After all the historical data has been synced, just reset to the current auto date. I did this for the longest time until I recently ran into a google mail sync problem (I believe it was an issue with their server). One problem is that all subsequent syncs take a long time, about 3 to 5 minutes.

    2. Calengoo. A great calendar which has a separate sync which can sync all of your historical data. It works great. The first sync takes about 5 to 10 minutes. After that all subsequent syncs are less than 20 seconds. I started using this after I ran into the google sync problem and it has worked great. I have about 5000 calendar entries.
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    Thank you so much! Calengoo works well for this. I really appreciate it.
  5. funpig

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    Glad that Calengoo worked out for you. So far, it is the only app that I have paid for. I have been using it for about 4 months and have been impressed with all of its features and new updates. The calengoo historical sync was something I only started using a few weeks back when my original calendar sync solution no. 1 started misbehaving with the google server issues.
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    From an CalenGoo, the android calendar app in Google play. This works:

    "Downloading more than one month of the past with the Android Calendar
    Normally Android only downloads events one month into the past on the first sync. Afterward it downloads all new and changed events. With a trick you can extend this range: Just export your calendar data in Google Calendar (“Settings”, “Calendar settings”, “Calendars”, “Export calendars”) and re-import it again afterward (“Settings”, “Calendar settings”, “Calendars”, “Import calendar”, you have to unzip the ZIP file from “Export calendars” first). Then all events will appear to be changed and will be downloaded by the Android calendar."
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    Holy old thread resurrection. While this thread is back up, I would note that recently Calengoo added "floating events". You can set down an all day event or task as floating. The floating event will automatically show up on each new day until you check it off as done. This is only on the Android version. I have been testing the iPhone version and this feature is not yet available for iOS.
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    Oh how I love finding old threads with great info!
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    Dates go way back when viewed on the PC end of Google Calendar, just not the Android end, fwiw.
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