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  1. vpcocco

    vpcocco Member

    I see what appears to be a calendar icon on my status bar on top left.
    The Samsung Capivate manual doesn't seem to make a mention of it (unless I missed something)

    It appeared first time yesterday when Calendar app hit a 5:00 appointment.
    It's been there ever since. I have no upcoming Calendar appointments for this week.

    Anybody know what it means? It's numeral '1' in a box. Could it be for a recurring appointment, maybe?

  2. BLJones

    BLJones Well-Known Member

    Might mean one missed appointment. As in you never confirmed with the phone that you went to the appointment. Try clicking on it to see if it takes you to your last appointment.
  3. vpcocco

    vpcocco Member

    Clicking on the icon on top left doesn't do anything. I've gone to my last appointment within the Calender app but that wont clear it.

    When I figure it out I'll post the response. :) I'll try to get a screenshot in there too.


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