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    I use a HTC Hero (not rooted), have just updated the ROM and have encountered the following problem when using the otherwise excellent Calendar Pad widget by MoaiApps :

    -I cannot edit an appointment that already was in the calendar. If I select an appointment, I can open it, but the MENU key will not give me the edit option, only send vCalendar and delete :confused::mad::confused:. This seems to affect appointments that were on the android before the update.

    -If I add a new appointment on the Android, I can later select it and edit it, the edit option appears as it should.

    I have found a workaround, but it is really cumbersome: Use the "standard" calendar app from Android or Sense, then select the appointment and with long press I'll get the edit option.

    Anyone else here with the same problem? Or even better, with a solution?

    I have updated to the latest Calendar Pad (1.1.2-free), but it doesnt solve the problem.

    Thanks and cheers:)

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    nobody? :-(

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