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Calendar Reminders (Dismiss disappearing)Support

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  1. Pojken

    Pojken Well-Known Member


    Is there any way to get back to the "Snooze all/Dismiss all" screen for calendar notifications? I've been having major issues with my reminders disappearing before I can dismiss them or after I snooze them. To see what I'm talking about - set an alarm via your calendar (Google, in my case) and try to keep the phone "awake". That screen that pops up will show snooze or dismiss all buttons.

    The reason why I need that screen (or at least a consistent way to dismiss the reminders) is because sometimes, odd things happen. For instance, if the reminder goes off and I pull the phone out of my pants quickly, it disappears. I don't know if it dismissed or snoozed. Often, it snoozes because it will ring again. At other times, it will play the notification, but give me no way to dismiss it. I have to power down in order to get it to stop. Talk about frustrating. When it powers back up, the notification shows in the status bar. Then, there are times when it simply vibrates once... repeatedly, but at what seems like five minute intervals. I'll feel it go off, but when I take it out, the phone has no status bar notification.

    This is REALLY frustrating because my phone is my lifeline - I teach school and it reminds me when classes start and end. However, I'm a bit skittish now because I go into panic mode when it doesn't quiet or it keeps notifying me. GAH!

    Any clues as to why this is happening? I read only one other thread that had similar issues, but no one responded.

    Thanks for any help you can give me. :)


    p.s. I have Pure Calendar Widget and Calendar Pad Pro running. Could these be causing any kind of conflict? I really like both of them because the native calendars suck. However, I am willing to let go of Cal Pad Pro if worse comes to worse.

  2. EdwardS

    EdwardS New Member

    This happens to me as well, aside from the part about it vibrating once, repeatedly.

    It would be great if we always had access to alarms currently snoozed and notifications so we could dismiss them. I don't use Pure Calendar Widget or Calendar Pad Pro so it doesn't seem like that's what's causing it.
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  3. jaybea830802

    jaybea830802 Well-Known Member

    It is a problem with the HTC calendar, as I had the same problem with the calendar on the Hero.

    I have changed the notification settings on mine and that seems to solve the problem most of the time. Go to Settings in the Calendar, then Set alerts & notifications and set it to Status Bar notifications rather than alert. The result is the same on-screen message when the alarm goes off, but the notifications on the status bar so you can access it again. The only problem is that the notification is for all current alarms and you can only dismiss or snooze all of them. Not a problem if you have only one alarm at a time (which I do), but if you have multiple alarms and wanted to snooze one and dismiss the other you cannot.

    Hopefully someone will produce a better stand-alone calendar soon. Iambic are working on a version of their Agendus calendar application for Android, I believe.
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  4. EdwardS

    EdwardS New Member

    Hi jaybea. My HTC Desire uses the settings you mentioned and I still experience this problem and so does a friend of mine who also has an HTC Desire.
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  5. jaybea830802

    jaybea830802 Well-Known Member

    I found it to be inconsistent on my Hero as well, but the problem was then masked by the fact that reminder settings for events stopped being synchronised from Outlook for my phone. I have not been using the Desire long enough to have run into the problem yet.

    I think the problem is that the Calendar app is rubbish.
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  6. Pojken

    Pojken Well-Known Member


    I may have found an app that might help with the disappearing reminders. It's called MyLock Auto Unlock. While it doesn't fix the problem, it will help with the reminders not getting dismissed as easily. What you have to do is disable the lock screen. In other words, use only the power button to open the phone (which is actually a benefit).

    Once you've done that, since the lock screen is immediately bypassed, it'll put you into the calender event. To dismiss, you drag the status bar down and dismiss as before. (It's easier than it sounds.)

    It's not perfect, but it gives me room to fish for my phone and not accidentally snooze or dismiss the reminder before I get a chance to see it. Hope that helps you guys.


    p.s. You will NOT have a security pattern enabled. You can still have your SIM lock, I believe. I figure, that's fine.
  7. litening

    litening New Member

    This appears to be a recurring issue with the HTC Desire.

    I have exactly the same issue.

    A similar thing happens when scheduled alarms activate while the device is asleep.

    Maybe Froyo will resolve this issue?
  8. biscuitlad

    biscuitlad Well-Known Member

    This used to confuse me. But I don't have a problem once I worked how it is designed. Yes, you need to dismiss reminders by pulling the unlock bar down. That stops all reminders. If you fail to do this, you will get another reminder in a few minutes. How long, depends how far off the event is and when you set your initial reminder to go off. As you get close to the event, the reminders start going off every 5 mins, regardless of what you set. They will keep going, even after the event has started, until you dismiss them. The last "feature" is annoying, but I guess it could conceivably be of use - but hard to imagine a scenario.

    Since I sussed it, I don't seem to miss the screen turning off before I had chance to dismiss the notifications. Maybe as I'm aware of what to do, I just act a little quicker. Anyhow, it all works well now.
  9. sticume

    sticume New Member

    I want to add my complaints to this list. I hope someone at HTC reads this blog. The HTC Hero is the worst cell phone I've ever owned. The interface for most apps must have been written by a bunch of coders in a 3rd world country that do not have cell phones themselves. The calendar app is one that frustrates me the most. I had my settings on "Snooze all/Dismiss all" and I was not able to dismiss a calendar item nor was I able to see the rest of my calendar until I deleted the item in alert mode. So who thinks up these simple things and makes them so complex - really? I went back to "Alert" mode and it now seems to work, but for how long before I run into the problem stated above. Get a grip HTC and take a couple of notes from Apple - those guys seem to understand humans.
  10. BNale

    BNale New Member

    I am having a problem similar to what I'm reading about here. My "Snooze/Dismiss" screen also disappears after the initial alarm sounds, but even if I "Dismiss," the alarm still continues to sound every 5 minutes w/ no apparent way to shut it up. Anybody else having this problem? Thanks.
  11. OldFogey

    OldFogey Member

    I have the same problem. I posted a message about it already but no-one noticed. I keep my phone in a special wallet. Before I can open the wallet the snooze/dismiss screen goes away. If I am incredibly lucky and have the phone sitting on the desk next to me then I can dismiss alarms, otherwise the same problems as posted here already. My solution was just to set the volume to zero!

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