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  1. russmd

    russmd Member

    When I set reminders in my calendar, I get no reminder message. I've tried it over and over again, 15 minutes, 30 minutes - I get nothing. All sounds are on and I get e-mail, text notifications and the like.

  2. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    Are these synced from google calendar?

    If so, log into google calendar and select the appropriate "popup" option.

    Also, if you are using a tool to sync from say your outlook, that tool could be flagging the pop-up to not be sent into google calendar.
  3. MelK

    MelK New Member

    I had this problem as well. I had to change my calendar from "status bar notifications" to "alerts" and then it worked for me. It now shows up in the top of my home page and reminds me about events. It also gives me the options to snooze or dismiss reminders.

    If you don't know where that is:
    -Click on the Calendar Icon
    -Click the menu button
    -Click for More options
    -Click Settings
    -Under Reminder Settings, go to "Set alerts & notifications" section
    -Change your settings to "Alert"

    Hope that works for you!
  4. highlander363

    highlander363 New Member

    Hi, I've had an HTC Touch Diamond for the past year or so and now have an HTC Hero and am having some issues with the snoozing of calendar reminders. In Windows Mobile outlook you had the ability to snooze each reminder for 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins, 30 etc and up to one day. With the hero it seems you can only either snooze all or dismiss all! Not a very utilitarian application!

    Does anyone know how this can be resolved or is there another calendar app that i can download and use which can be synced to MS Outlook on my PC?


  5. Verizoid

    Verizoid Member

    I'm having a trivial yet annoying problem for which someone hopefully has insight. Typically the calendar widget will list the current day/date and below that the next upcoming event you have scheduled (regardless of whether it's for today or the future). However, suddenly my widget is blank (not even current day and date is visible) with text stating "no upcoming calendar events." Only when there is an event calendared for the current day will it show up in the widget. Any advice?
  6. bugsmac9

    bugsmac9 Member

    My calendar is working fine. My problem is that the alerts aren't very attention getting. When I am busy doing ,whatever, the small one second alert doesn't do it for me. Every other phone I've had ,even the free ones, alow you to set it to alarm. Is there something that I'm missing?
  7. AmitMoran

    AmitMoran Member

  8. vanny

    vanny New Member

    EXACTLY! "Nudnik" is no solution at all. Others apps suck too. Embarrasing for Google that every cheap mobile phone on the market can perform this highly sophisticated task: "Reminding you of your appointment with a alerting sound that repeats after some minutes!"

    August 2010 - No good calendar app out there yet.
    I've got the Galaxy S I9000
  9. Bernie33

    Bernie33 Member

    I am considering Nudnik. Why do you say it is inadequate?
  10. Fred S

    Fred S Well-Known Member

    Here's another problem I have with calendar reminders. If the event time has passed when I turn the phone on I don't get a reminder. I even had an all day event set for today to remind me of a birthday and when I turned the phone on this morning I got nothing. Surely a calendar should give a reminder in such circumstances.

    Are there any other calendar apps out there that will do this, as well as having variable snooze times for reminders?
  11. Bernie33

    Bernie33 Member

    OK, I've installed Nudnik. I've only been using it for a full day, but it is working well for me and does exactly what I want. It generates a (selectable) sound that I an hear when an alarm sounds. It vibrates when an alarm sounds. It flashes the screen if the phone is in its usual sleep mode. It repeats the alarm, if I don't acknowledge it, at intervals that I specify in the settings, and it does for as long as I want it to.

  12. Bernie33

    Bernie33 Member

    Did you have an alarm set for that birthday?
  13. Fred S

    Fred S Well-Known Member

    Yes I did. Have tried with other calendar events and I don't get any notification if I turn the phone on and the event has already passed, or rather I suspect it's if the start time of the event has already passed.
  14. Bernie33

    Bernie33 Member

    Since I never turned off my old Windows based phone, nor my new Galaxy S Android phone, I guess I've never experienced the problem. With both the old and new phones, they are normally in standby mode and the problem would never occur.
  15. Fred S

    Fred S Well-Known Member

    Anyone else (who doesn't have their phone on all the time) have this problem, and know if any other calendar apps don't?
  16. foobar2605

    foobar2605 Member

    I published a lightwight alternative to the nudnik app on the market. You can customize duration, alarm sound and vibration pattern.

    foobarblog 2.0 App: Calender Event Reminder

    until now snoozing alarms isn't supported but i'm working on that :)
  17. RabidWolf

    RabidWolf New Member

    The one thing I find missing in Google/Android is snoozing individual notices for a selected length of time, as was the case in my ancient Axim x50v and Outlook.
  18. Bernie33

    Bernie33 Member

    Nudnik does do that.
  19. foobar2605

    foobar2605 Member

    now i have snoozing and repeating reminder support in my app calendar event reminder, too.
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  20. Bonden

    Bonden New Member

    I love it. This is exactly what I have been looking for ever since I bought my first iPhone in 2007. Now I have bought EVA for my Galaxy S2 (This is like Siri for Android) and when I asked her to remind me eat breakfast in 2 minutes, she told me the reminder was set, but nothing happened, until I found Nudnik which solves this and other things I have been missing since i left my old SonyEricsson P910i. So thanks a lot.
  21. bornf3

    bornf3 New Member

    This is wierd, i've got a HTC Wildfire S and for some reason when I update a contact with birthday etc, when I'm back at the 'viewing contact' screen, the birthdays out by one day? It's like this for a few of my contacts yet when I go back in to edit it, the original date is correct! Has anyone experienced this?
  22. GoChargersGo

    GoChargersGo New Member

    I could not get my calendar to emit any alarm or notification, but bought Nudnik which did the trick.

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