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  1. NewAndroidUser

    NewAndroidUser Active Member

    There is a button on the calendar when an appointment alarm pops up that says "Snooze All". When I press this button, the alarm never sounds again & I invariably forget about the appointment. How long is the snooze function on the calendar if indeed there is a snooze function? I am coming from WM so I am used to the calendar having a wide range of snooze options. Thanks in advance.

  2. Brat

    Brat Member

    My snooze is typically around 5-10 min. It's not long at all but it does work. Also, I can't seem to find a way to adjust the length of the snooze which drives me crazy. I would like to have the option of choosing a default snooze time as what they have is way to short for me.
  3. NewAndroidUser

    NewAndroidUser Active Member

    Ok, I will look into that. I also notice that it will not repeat (continue to go off until I check it) as WM does....I really wish it did.
  4. Brat

    Brat Member

    I agree. There are certain little things like that I miss from WM.

    Let me know if you figure out what the problem is. I'm very curious. If you can't figure it out, take it to a repair center. It seems to me some phones have issues that others don't (my fiance ran into this) and somethings its just a bad phone.
  5. Durdawg

    Durdawg New Member

    I miss WM for the snooze option on all notifications. I will try hard to continue to hate android until somebody can fix it.
  6. AndroidStephen

    AndroidStephen Well-Known Member

    Hey guys... look into an app called Astrid (on the market).. really increases the functionality of the calendar.. you can really customize alerts, to-do lists, etc.. it can be used independently and it integrates with Google calendar and a few other things. It's free and I think you would really like it.. I use mine all the time.
  7. NewAndroidUser

    NewAndroidUser Active Member

    Thanks for the heads up, AndroidStephen. I will check it out.
  8. arnoldl

    arnoldl New Member

    look up "calendar snooze" in the market....this will give you multiple options for snoozing!!

    grtx , arnold
  9. FE517

    FE517 New Member

    Calendar Snooze saved my bacon. I used BB for corporate email since they were invented. I was (temporarily) lost without my reminders and snooze functions.

    This gives me what I want... a forced pop-up, with alert and snooze.

    Can anybody tell what else i get for the $5 full version?
  10. CitizenIdeas

    CitizenIdeas Member

    Second that.
    WM snooze has loads of options from minutes to months.

    Other apps on market are not user friendly and the default calender we get is good except for the stupid part of snoozing options.

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