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calendar sync between devices

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  1. Alexp08

    Alexp08 Well-Known Member

    im having trouble syncing my calendar between devices, i hace a sony ion, and a sony tablet S, there both set to the same gmail account, but the calendars will not sync. what i put on my phone dosnt show up on my tablet and vice versa. any suggestions?

  2. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    If you log into the calendar with a browser, do changes made using the phone or tablet show up there?
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  3. eworldtech

    eworldtech Member

    Check your settings. See if calendar sync is enabled for your google account. Also the calendar app on SGIII defaulted to the Samsung calendar rather than the Google one. Maybe you have the same issue on your devices.
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  4. Alexp08

    Alexp08 Well-Known Member

    ah ha! got it, both you guys helped lol, my tablet wasnt set to sync, and google internet wasnt set to sync with my phone lol thanks guys

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