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  1. JohnKuczek

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    I came to the Incredible from a Blackberry, and to sync my Google Calendar/work Outlook Calendar/Blackberry Calendar required me to export my Outlook Calendar as a .CSV, delete my Google Calendar, import the .CSV to Google, delete the Blackberry Calendar, and then run Google Sync.

    On the Incredible, I could not find how to delete the cached calendar until this morning. Just go to Settings, Applications, Manage Applications, Calendar Storage, then click Clear data. Then back out to Settings, select Accounts & sync, then click Sync all. :D

    Befor someone suggusts that I can just use the HTC Sync to cut the steps down, I cannot connect the Incredible to my work PC, and even if I could, I cannot run any "unapproved" software, and work won't approve of HTC Sync since they dont see a "business purpose" to it. :(

  2. kmoore11

    kmoore11 Well-Known Member

    Google does have a program called Google Calendar Sync. I don't know if your work would approve of it, but you install it on your computer that has your Outlook calendar, and whatever changes you make, either in Google or Outlook, will be synced with the other, and your phone calendar should automatically update.
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  4. Reaver

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    I used to use google calendar sync and didn't have a premier acct. Here is the link.
    Getting started with Google Calendar Sync - Google Calendar Help
    You will need to load this on your work PC that has outlook. I used to have mine set to sync one way (outlook to google) every 15 mins. I then set up an exchange acct on my phone (omnia). Use as the server.

    Good luck

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