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  1. 3cutiger

    3cutiger Well-Known Member

    Ok, new to the android OS. I have read previous threads on other phones, but have a problem.
    Problem is, events created on phone won't go to google calendar.
    I believe I have the sync set up right, events on my google calendar have synced to my phone.
    A previous thread states you have to choose "google calendar" when generating an event on the calendar on the phone, however, when I try to edit the event, under "Calendar" the setting is "My calendar" but I can't change the setting (tapping on it does nothing)

    Any clue?:confused:

  2. 3cutiger

    3cutiger Well-Known Member

    Ok, found answer if anyone has same problem, if you deselect "My Calendar" from the Calendars in the menu on the main calendar screen, the option of creating a gmail event becomes valid
  3. 3cutiger

    3cutiger Well-Known Member

    Using Google Calendar Sync to sync my outlook calendar on my home computer with my Google Calendar. Events sync well that are made in the Google Calendar online to both my phone and computer, but events that I create on my phone that sync back to my Google calendar won't take the final step of syncing from the Google calendar to my outlook calendar.
    Any advice?
  4. wtherrell

    wtherrell Well-Known Member

    I'm using gsyncit (paid version) and my syncs work fine in both directions. Using Jorte calendar app on the phone and syncs to google calendar and gsyncit on the PC to sync google calendar with PC. Google Calendar
    Sync did not work as well for me when I tried it.

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