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  1. hidden925

    hidden925 New Member

    I have a zte score(cricket) and every program ive downloaded(tried over 10) for blocking a call just goes to machine,even when pick up hang up is checked.Is there a program that really works with Cricket..i tried same programs on 3 other phones and had no avail..goes right to voicemail.

    any ideas as to what to do(cant change # right now)?

  2. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon VIP Member

    Welcome to Android Forums which apps have you tried up to this point so I don't suggest one you have tried.
    If it is a specific person-harassment is unlawful in most places.
  3. hidden925

    hidden925 New Member

    I have tried,mr number,extreme call,call guard,call blocking,call blocker,call blacklist,gang filter,call blocker gold,advance call,blacklistcall,,droidmate filter, a firewall,etc

    a few were paid for w no avail and some picked up but never hung up.most said blocked call -and it went right to voice mail when set up to hang up on.Even provide(Cricket)r had nothing to suggest.

    any suggestions ?

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